Azerbaijan  is a state located in the eastern part of Transcaucasia, and is the largest economic, social and political center of the entire Transcaucasia. Many summits and meetings of heads of state are held here, as Azerbaijan shows great hope for development in the world political arena. In addition to its political and economic achievements, Azerbaijan is famous for its environment, nature, for example, its thermal springs, which attract the attention of many people around the world. In Azerbaijan, you can admire the beauty of the local nature endlessly. This country also brings its own piece to the cinematic, sports, and scientific worlds. Art is developing here from year to year, and local authorities are doing everything possible to realize the desires of young people in various fields. Azerbaijan establishes cooperation with many countries, which makes it even stronger and consolidates its position on the world stage.

Azerbaijan is also known for its tourism opportunities. Beach holidays are very common in summer, when the sun generously shares its heat throughout the summer months. In addition to Baku, you can bask on the beach in the vicinity of Khudat, Khachmaz, Siyazan, Lankaran and Astara.

Active recreation enthusiasts can enjoy diving, alpinism, skiing and hiking walks along ecological trails in the mountains. Tourists can also try treatments using mineral waters, naphthalan oil, staying in salt caves and spa treatments.